Sunday, July 22, 2007

Potter is done

Finished the Deathly Hallows after a marathon read. In 2003 when I was even more broke I took advantage of the cushy chairs in Barnes and Noble (in Columbia, MO.) and finished the fifth Harry Pooter book in three days, reading 500 pages one day. I couldn't shoot until I finished it. And then I found two great stories within the week.

Of course they're related! How dare you suggest otherwise.

In hopes of invigorating my recently limp photo skills I read the latest book once again thanks to Barnes and Noble (of Saginaw, Mich.) and fueled by store bought coffee read it in 25 hours. So, yes I supported the store, but none of my money went to a woman already richer than the queen, just enjoyed her story telling (I did buy the HalfBlood Prince). So I have gotten my megadose of children's fantasy literature.

Now I can shoot better, right?


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