Sunday, April 26, 2009

no camera

I bought a small point and shoot camera a few months ago. I worked great for the first few months of the winter. I could take it skiing and into the mountains where a 5d and lenses would get in the way. Then I learned the lesson of not zipping up pockets well enough when poof, no more camera. If you found it in the Cataract Ravine at Mt. Sunapee, please enjoy it.

It was 80 degrees in COncord on Saturday. On the slopes of Mt. Washington it was in the 70s. Between one and two thousand folks took advantage of thee weather to ski Tuckerman's Ravine. I was one of them, doing my first run from the shadow of the big boulder on the left side. Small avalanches from the middle of the bowl cascaded down with a few skiers, who managed to stay on top of it. Only problem was, no camera. I thought about bringing the big camera for the quality, but since it was my first time, decide to pack light. So should I feel guilt at not shooting, or liberation at not shooting?

Next time will be different, but that's a year from now.


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