Sunday, November 30, 2008


Mom tells us that her family came to Jamestown when Pocahontas was still strutting, but a trip on the Staten Island Ferry might lead one to wonder.

After the Macy's parade (and across from B & H)

Jackson Pollock at the MoMA


A few years ago I was looking for jobs as a waiter. Along the way I went to the fanciest restaurant in town on a lark. I got there and there was no form application like at the other places. They sent me home with a questionnaire and asked for essays. The question that stuck out for me and that I could never answer was: "What was the best restaurant meal you have ever had? Describe it and what made it so memorable." I had some inklings, and scant memories, but I could never remember the entire menu of the evening.

Thanks to menus readily available on the web I can now describe the seven-course meal at Jean Georges on Columbus Circle I had on Friday night. Though, I must admit, I missed seeing the Jonas Brothers depart the adjoining hotel while we were eating, and the window glass was thick enough to block shrill screams of fans, but there was food to eat.

The amuse-bouches I have already forgotten. a sip of of something with cumin.

Egg toast, American sturgeon caviar, dill, and a Camembert-like cheese that was not named.

Kampechi Sashimi, Sherry vinaigrette and toasted pecans

Nishiki risotto, shave matsutake, parmesan and yuzu. a very mushroomy, nutty taste.

Grilled black bass, braised fennel and lemon over brussel sprouts

Lobster and potato gnocchi, smoked butter and pickled chiles. The best lobster I have ever had.

Venison with Madeira reduction and a bleu cheese sauce.

I had tastes of my mom.s squab with foie gras and garlic soup accompanied by the tiniest sauteed frog legs I have ever seen.

For dessert there were home-made, hand-cut marshmallows, vanilla soda with a caramel sphere, caramel curd over pineapple sorbet.

The food was good, the service was great. the ambience nice, if too dark and hauty. Next time I hope to go with someone who really wants to buy the bottle of 1900 Bordeuax listed for $22,000.


Blogger Jeronimo Nisa said...

it looks like you're having a grand time in the East.
Love the mandril picture.

December 04, 2008 10:57 AM  

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